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About Adopter

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Adopter is a digital marketing company for green technology adoption - but you already knew that. 

What you may want to know is what makes us unique as a group of people. 

Each and every person here believes green technologies have the power to change the world. We all want to see an Earth that doesn’t end in flames in 2050. That’s why we’re here.

What drives us is knowing that by helping our clients frame their messaging and grow their online presence, they can focus on scaling their groundbreaking solutions. They do the tech - we let the world know about it.  

At Adopter, no one is a passive observer of the climate crisis. 

Our weekly meetings are never boring. We engage in meaningful discussions, share interesting facts about the world, and have long laughs about hamster-sized dogs (and more!).
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In July 2022, Adopter received a B Corp Pending status. This also meant that we became the first company in County Durham to be listed in the B-Corp Directory. A few months later, in April 2023, we officially became a Certified B Corporation. The B-Corp certification process requires rigorous checks of all aspects of the business, from ethical governance, transparency, and customer service to our environmental and social impact. We are proud to be a part of the movement that strives to create an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy.
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our values

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Our team is passionate about understanding new ideas. Continuous learning and expertise honing are central to the work we do. 

Sustainability & ethical growth

We strive to centre ethics and sustainability in our growth and development by reducing our environmental impact where possible. 

Working with real climate change solutions

We only work with companies we genuinely believe are helping to tackle the climate crisis. No greenwashing tolerated.

why work with us?

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Flexible work - work from anywhere, anytime
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Fun weekly team meetings

At Adopter, we cherish flexibility, and our team love the freedom it provides. You can travel and even be in a different time zone - as long as you deliver, we’re happy.

We recognise the value each person brings to the table. Every team member has an impact on our company development and high-level decision-making.

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job openings

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Meet our team

Tim Carney

Content writer

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“The positive company culture and the passionate and personable people make collaborating with the team enjoyable. The flexibility and trust that comes with working at Adopter is especially appreciated. Getting the chance to work with innovative companies producing solutions to global challenges is, of course, rewarding. At Adopter you actually feel that you are meaningfully contributing to the company and are not just a cog in a machine.”

Jeremiasz Ojrzyński

Independent design consultat

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“At Adopter each day presents an opportunity to grow and evolve professionally. There’s a supportive atmosphere that fosters learning and personal development. The company values and culture make every team member feel empowered to make a meaningful impact - every voice is heard and valued.  Surrounded by a team of exceptional individuals, I'm constantly inspired by their passion and expertise, making every project a collaborative adventure. It’s a workplace where passion meets purpose and every success is shared and celebrated.”

Monika Jaworska

Independent Content Consultant

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"Working with Adopter has been a great experience. There is never a “calm” or “dull” week, as each day offers something new. The work is inspiring as Adopter’s clients develop some of the most ground-breaking solutions to combat climate change and biodiversity loss. Adopter is a perfect place for curious and open-minded people who want to help make a difference in the world."
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Don't just take our word for it!

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“Adopter’s work is inspiring, their clients are at the forefront of their fields and some of the true thought leaders of our world. I truly value my experience with them and am excited to be staying on to do freelance marketing.”

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“Their systems were easy to use, their cloud reliable, time tracking easy, contact and discussions easy to arrange in a timely manner. They were reliable and did exactly what they promised. They were prompt payers of invoices . All in all, a pleasure to work for and I would prioritise opportunities with Adopter in future because of their working culture and ethos..”

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Diversity and inclusion

At Adopter, we embrace diversity and inclusivity for all our employees.

We are committed to providing equal opportunities for employment and advancement regardless of race, colour, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, or any other protected characteristic.

We believe diverse perspectives can drive innovation and welcome candidates from all backgrounds to join our team.
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