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Day Session for Cultivate Accelerator

Cultivate Accelerator by Harper Adams University

Cultivate Programme is a business accelerator programme organised by Harper Adams University and Barclays Eagle Labs that supports ambitious Agri-food and Agri-Tech entrepreneurs. Previous companies supported by the programme range from soil carbon analysis, to coated fertilisers, and microbial bio stimulants.






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Improve participants' understanding of their value propositions, including answers to such questions as: 'who are my customers?' and 'what problem am I solving?'.

Increase attendees competence in speaking to customers to enable them validation of their value propositions.

Equip participants with skills and tools including Value Proposition Canvas, Lean Canvas, Crossing the Chasm Framework, and segmentation.

Reviewing the participants' progress and helping overcome any new challenges through follow-up 1-2-1 sessions.


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Work Samples



The session helped the participants establish the core of their business strategy at the beginning of the programme and begin preparations for pitching at the demo day.

1-2-1 consultations two–three weeks after the workshop allowed the participants to further clarify their segmentation, tailor their value propositions, and set their companies for growth.

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In the client's words

Polly Gibb

WiRE Director, Harper Adams University

"I thoroughly recommend Adopter. Matt and Katherine have great expertise and knowledge, combined with being extremely professional and keen to do a valuable and good job. They designed and delivered a training day for our agri-tech start-up accelerator, covering Value Proposition Canvas and effective customer interviews. The session was suited exactly to our needs, and we hope to work with them again."

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During our work together

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