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Case Study

Growth-Driven Website for Low Carbon Materials

'Adopter successfully kickstarted our online presence by designing and developing Low Carbon Materials' new website. The process was quick, efficient and resulted in a great, aesthetic website perfectly matching our brand.'
Natasha Boulding
CEO & Co-Founder


  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Copywriting
  • Training
  • Website maintenance


  • Launching a new website quickly to replace the ‘coming soon’ page
  • Showcasing Sphera and its solution in a clear, visual form
  • Creating a core piece of Sphera’s growing online presence
  • Building a modular website that can be modified by the team and expanded as Sphera grows


  • Quick initial project turnaround
  • Communicating a highly complex, technical idea in a visual way
  • World’s first, emerging technology
  • Demanding, conservative target customer segment

The client

Sphera is a scaling green technology company that invented the world’s first carbon negative and carbon neutral aggregate concrete blocks.

The construction industry and concrete production are responsible for a considerable part of global carbon emissions. If adopted, Sphera’s technology presents major environmental opportunities.

The Approach


Initial Discovery

Upon initial discovery, we realised that since Sphera had no functioning website, setting up a new website would be the priority.

As a part of the process, we conducted industry research and in-depth brand discovery to understand Sphera’s needs, preferences, the most relevant information the website should communicate, and the best ways to frame the messaging.


Growth-driven Design & Development


Ongoing Website Expansion

Over the year following the website launch, we expanded it with additional pages that matched Sphera’s emerging needs.

We also provided Sphera with website maintenance and training, which allowed Sphera’s team do updates and minor modifications quickly and efficiently.

From the project
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LCM's new website was launched within a month from the project onboarding meeting.

Since then, we have been continuously expanding the site to meet LCM's growth.

How likely is it that you would recommend Adopter to a friend or colleague on a scale of 1 - 10?

'10 - extremely likely' - Dr Natasha Boulding

Additional gains:

  • +354% Search Engine Impressions
  • +202.6% Search Engine Clicks

During our work together

  • Sphera was nominated for the Earthshot Prize
  • Sphera's CEO, Natasha Boulding, was invited to speak at COP26 as a panellist at the Countdown to Planet Zero, Next Gen Debate.
  • Sphera was awarded the Innovate UK research grant.
  • Sphera became a part of Tech Nation's Net Zero 2.0 cohort.
  • Sphera's concrete named as a 'Top 3 game changing product' by Futurebuild.
  • Sphera became Innovative Start-up member of the UK Green Building Council.

In the client's words

'During our work together, Adopter successfully kickstarted our online presence by designing and developing Sphera’s new website. Thanks to a Growth-Driven Design approach suggested by Matt, the process was quick, efficient and resulted in a great, aesthetic website perfectly matching our brand. After the website’s launch, Adopter further expanded it based on our needs, growing it alongside Sphera’s scaling. At the same time, the website is also set up to allow our team to make changes and modifications when necessary.'

Dr Natasha Boulding

CEO & Co-Founder

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