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New website for EAC

Every Action Counts Coalition (EAC)

Every Action Counts Coalition (EAC) is a global network hosted by the Green Digital Finance Alliance (GDFA) in a strategic partnership with the Finance For Biodiversity Initiative (NatureFinance). EAC aims to enhance green awareness and empower action of 1 billion green digital champions worldwide using creatively leveraged technology and partnerships.




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Web Dev

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Design, develop, and launch a new website for the EAC in time for COP27.

Create the EAC's digital 'home base' that effectively showcases the initiative, its members and its resources.

Create a space that encourages experts to get involved with the EAC's network.

Given EAC’s focus on sustainability, consider the carbon footprint of the site.


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Work Samples


  • The website was successfully launched ahead of COP27.
  • The new website allowed the client to launch their new publication in a much more professional format.
  • Compared to the previous EAC page on the old GDFA website, the new site has a much faster loading time.
  • The digital carbon footprint of the website was also significantly decreased.

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In the client's words

Gerrit Sindermann


"The Adopter team showed a great attitude, fast response times and was an excellent partner for the design and development of the new website for the EAC Coalition. They proactively proposed effective adaptations and delivered great work on a short deadline. We are looking forward to soon continuing working with them on the further development of our website! Can highly recommend Adopter, especially given how pleasant they are to work with!"

Gerrit Sindermann


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During our work together

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