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New website for Potomac Group

Potomac Group

Potomac Group is a Washington, D.C.-based sovereign advisory firm that specialises in sustainable finance and sovereign debt and develops new solutions in its space. They are a trusted advisor to sovereign governments and other public sector borrowers. The company is on a mission to increase its client’s access to sources of low-cost, stable capital flows and create opportunities for financing sustainable development, including through sustainability-linked sovereign debt.




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Designing, developing, and launching a new website for Potomac Group ahead of COP27.

Creating a new website that can act as a pillar of Potomac Group's online presence.

Developing a website that provides an engaging, high-quality and professional experience to its visitors.

Creating a website that showcases Potomac Group's expertise effectively, including their global podcast, reports, and articles.


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Work Samples


  • The new website was successfully launched before COP27
  • The website instantly received positive feedback from Potomac Group's clients and stakeholders

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In the client's words

Jill Dauchy

Founder, CEO

"The Potomac Group website attracts a wide variety of governments and global institutions, like the World Bank and UN agencies. The Adopter team were tasked with redesigning our website ahead of COP27 and incorporating our global podcast. Adopter exceeded our expectations, delivering a high-class project on a super ambitious timeframe.The website is getting very good feedback from our clients and stakeholders and it works well on both desktop and phone. I have to personally thank Adopter for being so organized and driving the project to completion. They demonstrated commitment to our team and our project, as well as an understanding and appreciation of our mission to create a more sustainable and resilient sovereign debt landscape."

Jill Dauchy
Founder and CEO

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During our work together

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