September 1, 2022
Adopter is B Corp Pending Certified & Becomes First Company From County Durham Listed in B Corp Directory
“I’m delighted that Adopter has become the first B Corp Pending Certified business in County Durham. Matt and Katherine, co-founders of Adopter, have taken their mission to become more sustainable, inclusive and ethical, with a commitment to positive social and environmental change. Becoming a B Corp is a great way to publicise high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability to consumers, businesses and organisations. Adopter works with green tech businesses and organisations and it’s important that they reflect their clients values and ethics as they grow. I hope other businesses based in County Durham are encouraged by Adopter’s approach and take advantage of B Corp certification which will help tackle broader challenges such as Net Zero and have a positive impact on both local and wider economy.” - Leon Howe, Durham City Incubator Manager

Being a sustainable supplier is becoming a must for businesses measuring their scope three emissions. 

In the words of one of Adopter’s County Durham clients:

"We’ve been working with Adopter for over a year, and it is great to see their ongoing commitment to sustainability and positive impact. Sustainability and building a net zero world are at the core of our values at Sphera, and we are excited to be working with suppliers who also share this mission." - Phil Buckley, Sphera COO 

So what’s next for Adopter’s sustainability?

B Corp Pending certification is an important step on Adopter’s sustainability journey, which we will continue in the upcoming months. 

Their next step includes finalising our application for the full B Corp certification. 

As a part of the preparations, they will be implementing business processes to support their journey to:

  • Achieve a net zero emissions target by 2045.
  • Ensure that the daily activities of our company and team align with Adopter’s sustainability goals.
  • Actively engage our stakeholders and implement their feedback on Adopter’s social and environmental performance.
  • Further entrench our mission to use marketing as a force for good through supporting green technology adoption and innovation.
"We see becoming B Corp Pending certified as a key milestone on our sustainability journey. B Corps worldwide are living proof that a business can have a real positive impact, and we are proud to join this community. The certification process has helped us ensure that the commitment to supporting our customers, community and the environment is at the core of our business." - Matt Jaworski (Co-Founder at Adopter).
"The environmental crisis demands transformation across every sector of the economy. It is important, as Adopter grows, that we reflect the mission of our clients to build a lower-carbon, nature-positive future. We are committed to continuously learning and improving the sustainability of our business every day." - Katherine Keddie (Co-Founder at Adopter).

Adopter is the marketing company for green tech adoption. Learn more about our work here - 

In detail: What is B Corp certification?

B Corp certification is awarded to businesses that meet high social and environmental standards. 

The assessment of applicants is extensive and includes rigorous verification, often taking between 1 to 2 years. During the application process, companies share information ranging from carbon emissions to good governance practices and customer care procedures. Companies with business models designed to make a positive impact can also receive additional points. 

Globally, the constantly growing B Corp community is made of over 5,500 companies - including well-known brands like Ben and Jerry’s, The Body Shop, and Patagonia. Adopter’s support of green technology clients in their work to shape a sustainable future makes us a perfect fit with these B Corp values. 

By contrast, B Corp Pending is a certification designed for small companies and start-ups that are not yet eligible to apply for a full B Corp certification. It provides the eligible companies with time to prepare for submission while also allowing them to join the B Corp community and showcase their commitment to sustainability. All companies applying for B Corp Pending status need to incorporate the B Corp legal requirement into their Articles of Association, legally entrenching the commitment to act for the benefit of all their stakeholders - including customers, community, and the environment.

B Corp certification will help Adopter embed our values of accountability and positive impact into all areas of our work. It will push us to find new ways to improve and support green technology adoption and innovation globally.