February 27, 2022
Open Workshop with Barclays Eagle Labs: Keep Up With the Changing World of B2B Marketing

Did you know that UK sales leaders rated their digital sales channels as three times more important than traditional sales interactions? (McKinsey 2020).

Or that in 2014, millennials (aka digital natives) accounted for half of all B2B purchase researchers for the first time?

In short: the changing landscape of B2B sales and marketing favours a strong online presence.

This is something B2B scale-ups can take advantage of.

The workshop will show you what exactly changed in recent years and, more importantly, how to tap into the opportunity this presents with content marketing.

This includes:

  • Conducting a ‘Communications SWOT’ to prepare a communications strategy that resonates with your customers and gives your brand a unique, consistent voice.
  • Choosing channels and content formats that will bring the best benefit for your business.
  • Engaging your customers by accurately targeting their pain points and ‘jobs to be done’.

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