May 4, 2023
Adopter becomes B Corp Certified, the first marketing agency in County Durham to do so

Adopter becomes the first marketing agency in County Durham to be B Corp Certified. 

  • Adopter is now a Certified B Corporation™ receiving the current highest score in County Durham to date.
  • Particular weight was given to our Impact Business Model supporting Purpose Driven Enterprises.
  • This milestone shows our commitment to driving sustainability into the heart of our business as it grows. 

Adopter prides itself on our work helping Greentech companies communicate effectively and aiding the adoption of their innovative solutions. 

That is why we are pleased to officially announce that after almost a year-long process, we are now a Certified B Corporation, obtaining the highest score in County Durham to date.

Certified B Corporations are companies that verifiably meet high environmental and social performance standards, legal accountability, and public transparency.

As a B Corp, Adopter has been recognised as a purpose-driven business that will always work to put people and the planet on par with profits. 

Adopter joins a community of just 6,693 companies across 89 countries that have received B Corp status, and we are proud to be part of the 1,200 B Corps in the UK. 

This milestone marks an important step on our sustainability journey, as we strive to ensure Adopter grows with sustainability at the core.

What is a B Corp?

The B Corp movement is a global movement of "People Using Business as a Force for Good". 

As a B Corp, Adopter has committed to balancing our purpose and profits by measuring, managing and improving our social and environmental impact.

The B Corp certification process was rigorous, and the assessment process examined Adopter’s impact on all our key stakeholders, including:

  • Our team
  • The community 
  • The environment 
  • Our customers 

Adopter was also required to amend our constitutional documents, legally committing to consider all stakeholder interests in decision-making. 

Because of our Impact Business Model, we received particularly high scores relating to our mission and support for purpose-driven enterprises. It is great to see our focus on supporting emerging green innovation and customer-centric service design recognised and rewarded by B Corp. 

You can view Adopter’s B Corp page here and see a detailed breakdown of our ratings in each section. 

Why is being a B Corp central to our core values at Adopter?

Our core values at Adopter are: 

  • Learning
  • Sustainability & ethical growth 
  • Working with solutions we believe in

B Corp Certification allows us to demonstrate our commitment to these values and embed them into our business from the beginning. 

Being a B Corp also means an independent organisation will hold us accountable to our core values and other stricter parameters. 

This accountability will enable us to prove that we remain true to our values as we scale and provide a transparent platform for our team and clients to track our progress. 

What is Adopter’s wider sustainability mission?

As the marketing company for early-stage green innovation, we also have broader sustainability initiatives that signal our dedication to protecting the planet.

These include: 

Adopter’s ethical marketing policy which ensures that our work is honest and principled and that we don’t ever partake in impact washing or greenwashing. 

Our outcome monitoring and measurement processes which help our work deliver the outcomes desired by clients and constantly improve our services based on their feedback. Providing our clients with helpful, positive and impactful work is fundamental to Adopter’s mission.

The tracking of Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions at Adopter. These are the direct and indirect emissions that Adopter has control over. We also consider our digital carbon emissions and work to minimise them.

Taking part in the UNFCCC Race to Zero global campaign, being a signatory of Tech Zero and participating in the SME Climate Hub.

Regular stakeholder engagement, including with our clients, the team and our suppliers, to get feedback on our ESG work. 

We always aim to encourage and engage with the wider community of early-stage GreenTech businesses. As part of these efforts, we produced the UK’s first ever GreenTech Accelerators & Incubators Map, an accessible resource highlighting support for green tech innovation in one centralised place.

Adopter’s environmental stewardship policy encourages our employees to act sustainably.

For the emissions we currently cannot reduce, Adopter follows the Oxford Principles for Net Zero Aligned Carbon Offsetting to help balance out our carbon footprint while we work to reduce our emissions further. 

What can we do better? 

Have you got a suggestion on how we can become more sustainable?

Reach out to ; we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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